Thoughts on the new iPad

27 January 2010

Joined by many others, I spend part of this afternoon (27 Jan 09) keenly following the Apple iPad announcement ( and watching the several “live blogs” implode – not the best moment for the future of journalism ).
First let me say as a Technology professional, a seasoned product creator, a cynical observer of personal computing – that the iPad looks “way cool”. I want one rather badly. I’ve held off on a book reader, but I am feeling the need for one of these.
That said – Apple sold themselves short in one key regard – this is a killer sales & presentation machine. iWork for the iPad was a bit of a surprise in an otherwise consumer play. I immediatey imagined loading up Keynote and some form of Marketcircles Daylite/Billings a well as at decent GTD app.

Apple is doing well – but they would be well advised to embrace the cloud with this device, particularly in the SMB / Professional space


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